Gloria Finally Has Her New Kidney!

I’ve never shared a more heartfelt prayer with a friend than when Gloria and I held hands last Wednesday evening and bowed our heads before she went into the hospital to receive her new kidney. Gratitude, surrender, love for God and for each other. Tears of joy. Undignified snuffling and throwing dignity to the winds, our spirits conjoined.

Gloria is back home now with her family and her new kidney, able to drink as much water as she wants (which you can’t do without good kidney functioning) and looking forward to traveling and seeing her four young grandchildren grow to adulthood (ditto the above).

I am sitting here with my morning coffee, crying all over again, happily. It’s been 27 months since I heard the nudge in prayer to become a kidney donor (that and more described in the magazine article below). 17 months since Gloria and I found each other through an article in The Skanner, a local African American newspaper. Then many months of waiting for our transplant surgeries due to Covid, during which Gloria lost her mother and also contracted Covid, herself, horribly, but managed to recover.

Almost one year since the murder of George Floyd, and the long overdue white realization in our country that Black Lives Matter. Five months since I got to donate my left kidney to the person I later learned is Lee, a vibrant Asian-American woman in the Bay Area. That donation triggered Gloria’s going onto the list for a live kidney transplant (13 people die daily in the U.S. waiting on the list of 100,000 people to receive a kidney from a deceased donor, the usual type of kidney transplant).

I’ll write more soon on what I’ve learned about anti-racism and moving to decenter myself and put people of color at the center, instead.

For right now, though, I’m still immersed, and I think Gloria is too, in gratitude and joy that our shared plan has been fulfilled.

A Sacred Nudge

14 thoughts on “Gloria Finally Has Her New Kidney!”

  1. What a relief! What a blessing! This is great news. Thank you for keeping us updated as both of you have progressed and endured and waited. I am sending healing energy to Gloria and wishing both of you great strength, excellent health, and long and joyful lives. Strong, but gentle, hugs to you both

    1. Michael, I can feel your strong, gentle hug. I am so glad that I’ve become friends with you through EcoFaith. Your faith-driven, humanitarian work is an ongoing inspiration to me!

    1. Ashley, me too! It shouldn’t have been so hard and long a wait for her. Thanks for your support.

  2. This is absolutely amazing! It has been such an inspiration to follow your amazing journey Allison. I wish you and Gloria long, happy and healthy lives. You are such a blessing to the world… ?

    1. Thank you Roshnee. I think of you often — such good memories of your visit to us years ago — and it makes me happy that you’ve been following Gloria’s and my journey and finding inspiration. Big hug across the vast ocean.

    1. Micki, yes, you and I know that being outdoors is the way to be vibrant. Thanks for your steady support over these many months.

  3. I’m relieved and excited for Gloria and happy for you both. You’ve done an amazing thing together.

    1. John, you helped with this journey way back at the beginning when i was struggling to figure out how to talk to my husband about doing this. Really grateful for your practical support.

  4. Alison and Gloria,
    This is fantastic news! Thanks so much for sharing your journeys with us! I wish you both well.

    May I use your inspiration to be guided to my own version of activism.

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