Gloria’s New Kidney Scheduled for May 12!

Gloria’s new kidney has been found! If all goes well, she will receive it via transplant surgery May 12th.

Please pray with us for all to go well. Another living kidney offered to Gloria earlier this month fell through, disappointingly. Needing a kidney is an emotional rollercoaster for the 100,000 people in the U.S. (disproportionately people of color) in that precarious position. The moral support of readers and well-wishers helps to absorb the drops and twists of the hard ride.

Gloria’s living donor, a woman in New York, will have the same type of transplant surgery I had four months ago. Her extra kidney will be flown across the continent on ice to land here in Portland, Oregon where Gloria will receive it via surgery. She might even get to see it before it goes into her body, as Lee (my recipient) got to look at York on December 16 before it became hers via transplant surgery. Incidentally, Lee is doing great, and I am, too. This four-person scenario with two donors and two recipients is called paired donation and is common; it lets people of non-matching tissue types donate on behalf other.

The importance of Gloria getting her new kidney is hard to put into words. Living longer is the core thing: people live just five years on dialysis on average, and Gloria is in year four of spending three days a week tethered to the machine. Moreover, she’ll gain quality of life: going where she chooses to go, like you and I take for granted! Seeing her grandchildren grow up! Beating me at ping pong! (I will never be happier to be beaten.)

If you are thinking “I could never donate a kidney,” that had been my thinking exactly — until February 2019. That was when Emily Lighthipe, a friend from church, celebrated her first kidney anniversary with her kidney recipient. Both women were radiant with health and happiness. It came to me in prayer one February morning that, selfishly, I wanted that kind of happiness too, The kind that comes from an act of unselfishness. I could give a kidney.

Twenty months later I did. One month after transplant surgery I was working some, and at two months I was fully healed. And I am happier now, more joyful, than ever before in my life. But that’s beside the point.

The point is for Gloria to gain her health and joy. Please pray with us for the May 12 kidney transplant to come through.



14 thoughts on “Gloria’s New Kidney Scheduled for May 12!”

  1. Alison, so glad that Gloria will be receiving her kidney soon! How intriguing that she might get to see it first! Do you think that she plans on naming it? Best wishes to both of you. Love, Micki

  2. I’m so happy and relieved to hear about your upcoming transplant on May 12th. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Gloria. You’re an amazing person.

  3. That is Fabulous news! I am so happy for Gloria and for you as the two of you have been through this life giving journey together. Love, April

    1. April, apologies for the late reply, but seeing you the other night makes me appreciate your support all the more. Love, Alison

  4. That is great news!!!! May12th will be the 5th anniversary of my transplant! We were part of a kidney chain as well and my donor’s kidney flew to New Jersey. (I gave my nurse a disposal camera to take pictures of the new kidney before it was transplanted into me.) Praying for all to go smoothly and well. So happy for you Gloria that the day has finally come!

  5. I’m so excited to hear this news! Gloria has been through so much, and I am praying that this will be a smooth process that will add to Gloria’s life, longevity, joy, and capabilities! And what a relief this will be for you too, Alison.

      1. So happy for you to receive your new kidney. You’ll learn a whole new meaning to the word ‘grateful’. I got my new kidney on 9/22/2019. Feel like I got a new lease on life! Best wishes. PS Mine was a deceased donor❤️

        1. Juley, it’s great to hear from you. You’re the first kidney recipient from a deceased donor who has commented. “I got a new lease on life” — love it!

    1. Thank you, dear Stephanie! I admire the grit with which you’ve faced health challenges, and then stepped forward to support others with those, as well.

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